The mantra of the TrekRanks Podcast is "No Wrong Answers," or in other words, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Everyone has their own favorites and it’s always fun to communicate with other fans about the episodes and characters and moments that excite them.

The TrekRanks Podcast was born out of a love for talking about Star Trek and engaging with other fans about their favorite elements of Trek. Host Jim Moorhouse created a few years ago to track his personal favorites and share them with friends that he had connected with on social media and at conventions.

The philosophy of IDIC is at the core of the TrekRanks podcast, where the hosts and featured guests will do more than just talk about Trek. They will dissect it and analyze it and rank it! Of course, at TrekRanks we know full well that every single listener will have a completely different list of their own favorites and we’ll be hoping to hear those lists from you!

The topics featured on the TrekRanks Podcast will touch on every cornerstone of Star Trek (from TOS straight through to the Kelvin Timeline). Whether it be your favorite episodes (time travel, two-parters, rainy day marathons, etc.), your favorite characters (recurring, guest stars, etc.) or your favorite themes (story arcs, romances, moral dilemmas, etc.), TrekRanks is tackling it all.

And with more than 700-plus hours of on screen Trek to choose from, there will never be a shortage of topics or answers!

In every episode, our hosts will begin by running a Level One Diagnostic on the current topic, and then will discuss the Prime Directive that guided their ranking criteria. They will then break down their selections in The Order of Things by revealing their "Five Word Summary and Hashtag" for each episode or topic.

Once the topic has been exhausted, the TrekRanks crew will be hoping to hear from you! Listeners will be able to hail us at 609-512-LLAP (5527) and you’ll be able to record your own personal TrekRanks log to let us know your selections. Your comments could be used via a Temporal Causality Loop that will close out every show.

TrekRanks Statistics

27 listeners, 7 guests and 3 hosts have submitted a total of 270 TrekRanks!

Here are the current series rankings based on all non-series-specific TrekRanks episodes :

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek Theatrical Films
Star Trek: The Animated Series


TrekRanks Episode List

Aug 13
8 TrekRanks Episode 08 : Top 5 Data Episodes
Hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit are joined by Andi and Matt to run down our Top 5 Data Episodes!

Jul 30
7 TrekRanks Episode 07 : Top 5 One-Off Villains
Hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit are joined by Josh Duffy to talk through our Top 5 One-Off Villains!

Jul 08
6 TrekRanks Episode 06 : Top 5 Food Moments
Hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit are joined by Adam Drosin to run down our Top 5 Food Moments!

Jun 28
5 TrekRanks Episode 05 : Five Episode Marathon for a Star Trek Newcomer
Hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit are joined by Bill Mann and Gerardo Yanes to run down our Newcomer Marathons!

Jun 11
4 TrekRanks Episode 04 : Top 5 Comedy Episodes
Hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit are joined by Five Year Mission's Mike Rittenhouse to rank our Top 5 Comedy episodes!

May 21
3 TrekRanks Episode 03 : Top 5 DS9 Recurring Characters
Jim & Jeff are joined by guest Carlos Miranda to rank their Top 5 DS9 Recurring Characters!

May 07
2 TrekRanks Episode 02 : Top 5 Prime Directive Episodes
On the latest episode of the TrekRanks Podcast, hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit are joined by special guest Claire Little for a deep dive into the moral quandary that is the Prime Directive.

Apr 26
1 TrekRanks Episode 01 : Top 5 "Comfort Food" Episodes
Hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit are joined by Shore Leave host Heather Barker to rank our Top 5 "Comfort Food" episodes!

Apr 23
0 TrekRanks NX-00 : Introduction & Top 3 Kirk Episodes
An introduction to the new TrekRanks Podcast sees host Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit run through a mission briefing detailing the shows goals, followed by a deep dive breakdown of their Top 3 Captain Kirk episodes.

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