TrekRanks Episode 10 : Top 5 Klingon Episodes

Originally released on September 09, 2017

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To mark the return of Star Trek to television in September 2017, the TrekRanks Podcast celebrates Star Trek Discovery with the first of two themed episodes. In this week's show our hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit travel the Path to Kal'Hyah with Andy Fark (drummer for Five Year Mission) and Ian Adams to unveil their Top Five Klingon Episodes. No Pain Sticks were involved, but some tough choices had to be made (as they are in every episode of TrekRanks!).

Along with the Vulcans, the Klingons are the most celebrated culture in all of Star Trek, and it's clear, Klingons are playing a huge role in Discovery. With that in mind, this week's Level One Diagnostic features a quick breakdown on the Klingon culture and how it's viewed in Trek history. The hosts then jump into the Prime Directive's that guided whittling down their selections.

The Right of Ascension begins with Jim, Jeff, Andy and Ian break down their final picks in The Order of Things by revealing their "Five Word Summary and Hashtag" for each of their Top 5 Klingon Episode. The resulting discussion results in no blood shed or visits to Sto-vo-kor, but no stone is left unturned in dissecting the 50-year history of Klingons in Trek!

With each host's Secondary Systems choices, the picks get even deeper and Jim briefly reviews some of the interesting statistical anomalies that emerged from their selections.

After a quick recap of all the picks in the Regeneration Cycle, the episode concludes with a visit into a Temporal Causality Loop as we flashback to Episode 9 for listener feedback regarding our Top Five High-Concept Voyager Episodes.

As always, make sure to hail us here on our website by leaving a voicemail and record your own personal TrekRanks log to let us know your Top 5 One-Off Villains in Star Trek history. Your comments might be used via a Temporal Causality Loop in an upcoming episode.


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