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Drawing Trek is dedicated to exploring the Star Trek comic book universe. Hosts Jeff Hulit and Ian Adams read, analyze and search for essential Trek moments in each issue, starting with the Gold Key Comics series. Join them as they delve into the drawn stories of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and the Enterprise crew through their non-canon adventures!

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Nov 21
37 Drawing Trek #37: Prophet of Peace
On this episode of DrawingTrek, hosts Ian Adams and Jeff Hulit discuss the 39th issue of Star Trek Gold Key Comics, "Prophet of Peace".

Sep 06
36 DrawingTrek Episode 36: One of Our Captains Is Missing
Ian and Jeff cover issue #38 of Star Trek Gold Key Comics, One of Our Captains Is Missing.

Mar 17
35 Drawing Trek Episode 35: Gold Key #36 - A Bomb In Time
Ian and Jeff cover issue #35 of Star Trek Gold Key Comics, A Bomb In Time. The Enterprise crew chase a bomb through time to a film set in the past!

Dec 10
34 Drawing Trek Episode 34: Gold Key #34 - The Psychocrystals
On the 34th episode of Drawing Trek, Ian and Jeff discuss Gold Key Comics 34th issue, "The Psychocrystals"! Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew happen upon a planet rich in valuable crystal deposits... but what else is hidden beneath the surface?

Oct 08
33 Drawing Trek Episode 33: A Conversation With Doug Drexler
Ian and Jeff sit down for a long chat with Doug Drexler about his role in Gold Key Comics and lots more!

Sep 24
32 Drawing Trek Episode 32: Gold Key #33 - The Choice
Jeff and Ian read the 33rd issue of Star Trek Gold Key comics and get sucked into a parallel universe at the site of the Big Bang!

Jun 18
31 Drawing Trek Episode 31: Gold Key #32 - The Animal People
This week, Jeff and Ian cover Star Trek Gold Key Comics issue 32, "The Animal People". Another distress call, another seemingly barbarian race with a dark secret that only Kirk and Spock can uncover...

May 28
30 Drawing Trek Episode 30: Gold Key #31 - The Final Truth
Ian and Jeff tackle the 31st issue of Star Trek Gold Key Comics this week with the return of our favorite writer! Will this issue live up to the high bar of "The Mummies of Heitius VII"??

Apr 16
29 Drawing Trek Episode 29: Gold Key #30 - Death of a Star
The Original Mission continues with Gold Key Comics issue 30 in which the Enterprise crew gets more than they bargained for when ordered to witness a star going nova...

Feb 12
28 Drawing Trek Episode 28: Gold Key #28 - The Mimicking Menace
Ian and Jeff are back this week with a discussion of Star Trek Gold Key Comics issue 28, "The Mimicking Menace"!

Jan 29
27 Drawing Trek Episode 27: Gold Key #27 - Ice Journey
Ian and Jeff return this week with Gold Key Comics issue #27, "Ice Journey"! Join them as they discuss strange new technology, snarky Spock, telepathic communications, questionable Kirk decisions, and a whole lot more!

Dec 18
26 Drawing Trek Episode 26: Gold Key #26 - The Perfect Dream
This week Ian and Jeff return with another Gold Key comic. Tune in to hear what happens when Kirk and company face an official inquiry over their part in the destruction of an entire civilization!

Dec 04
25 Drawing Trek Episode 25: Gold Key #25 - Dwarf Planet
Jeff and Ian return to Gold Key to look for essential Trek moments in the 25th issue, "Dwarf Planet"!

Nov 06
24 Drawing Trek Episode 24: Gold Key #24 - The Trial of Captain Kirk
Hosts Ian and Jeff are back with another issue of Star Trek Gold Key comics including Kirk on trial again and the return of the space pirates!

Oct 02
23 Drawing Trek Episode 23: Gold Key #23 - Childs Play
This week on the show, Jeff and Ian are chatting about the 23rd issue of Star Trek Gold Key Comics!

Sep 18
22 Drawing Trek Episode 22: Gold Key #22 - Siege In Superspace
Another week brings another episode of The Tricorder Transmissions! This time, we beam into Gold Key Comics issue 22, "Siege In Superspace" with hosts Jeff and Ian. Tune in to find out what happens when the Enterprise and her crew find themselves trapped in the space beyond a black hole...

Sep 04
21 Drawing Trek Episode 21: Gold Key #21 - The Mummies of Heitius VII
Jeff is joined by a brand new co-host, Ian Adams, this week to talk about the 21st issue of Gold Key Comics which introduces a familiar menace...

May 29
20 Drawing Trek Episode 20: Gold Key #20 - A World Gone Mad
On the show this week we talk through issue #20 of Gold Key Comics Star Trek series, A World Gone Mad!

Feb 28
19 Drawing Trek Episode 19: Gold Key #19 - The Haunted Asteroid
The 19th issue of Gold Key Comics is the focus of this episode of The Tricorder Transmissions. A new female character is introduced, Sulu gets to stretch his legs and Scotty beats up a pair of giant robots!

Feb 07
18 Drawing Trek Episode 18: Gold Key #18 - The Hijacked Planet
This week on the show we talk the next issue of Gold Key Comics with special guest Chris Ritzer.

Jan 31
17 Drawing Trek Episode 17: Gold Key #17 - The Cosmic Cavemen
This week we tackle Gold Key Comics issue #17 which contains a huge stone monolith in the shape of Mr. Spock?!

Jan 17
16 Drawing Trek Episode 16: Gold Key #16 - Day Of The Inquisitors
This week on the show we cover the 16th issue of Gold Key comics with a special guest!

Jan 10
15 Drawing Trek Episode 15: Gold Key #15 - Museum At The End Of Time
This week on the show the Enterprise crew find themselves trapped in Limbo in Gold Key Comics #15!

Jan 03
14 Drawing Trek Episode 14: Gold Key #14 - The Enterprise Mutiny
We dive right in to 2016 with our continuing coverage of the Gold Key comics series!

Dec 13
13 Drawing Trek Episode 13: Gold Key #13 - The Dark Traveller
Is he "The Traveller" or "Nomad"? What are his ties to other alien races from TOS? Will logic win the day? Tune in to find out!

Dec 06
12 Drawing Trek Episode 12: Gold Key #12 - The Flight Of The Buccaneer
Kirk and crew infiltrate a gang of intergalactic pirates in Gold Key Comics issue 12!

Nov 22
11 Drawing Trek Episode 11: Gold Key #11 - The Brain Shockers
Jeff and Craig are back this week with the next issue in the Gold Key comics Star Trek series, "The Brain Shockers"!

Nov 01
10 Drawing Trek Episode 10: Gold Key #10 - Sceptre Of The Sun
Our 90th regular episode is here! Gold Key Comics #10 is on tap for this discussion and there are plenty of strange things afoot!

Oct 18
9 Drawing Trek Episode 9: Gold Key #9 - The Legacy Of Lazarus
We are once again confronted with an evil Lazarus, but sadly it is NOT the same guy from The Alternative Factor!

Oct 04
8 Drawing Trek Episode 8: Gold Key #8 - The Youth Trap
Gold Key Comics issue 8 is on tap this week!

Sep 20
7 Drawing Trek Episode 7: Gold Key #7 - The Voodoo Planet
This week on the show we discover that ancient Vulcan "Pain Casters" practiced occult arts as we cover Gold Key Comics issue 7!

Sep 13
6 Drawing Trek Episode 6: Gold Key #6 - When Planets Collide
Craig and Jeff tackle Gold Key Comics issue #6!

Sep 06
5 Drawing Trek Episode 5: Gold Key #5 - The Ghost Planet
Craig and Jeff are back this week with the fifth Gold Key comic!

Aug 02
4 Drawing Trek Episode 4: Gold Key #4 - The Peril Of Planet Quick Change
This week we sit down to read the fourth issue of Gold Key Star Trek comics, "The Peril Of Planet Quick Change"!

Jul 19
3 Drawing Trek Episode 3: Gold Key #3 - Invasion Of The City Builders
Planet QuestionMark is our destination this week as we cover Gold Key comics issue 3!

Jul 12
2 Drawing Trek Episode 2: Gold Key #2 - The Devils Isle Of Space
Captain Kirk and crew visit an alien prison asteroid in Gold Key comics #2!

Jul 05
1 Drawing Trek Episode 1: Gold Key #1 - The Planet Of No Return
Our new mission starts today with the release of our first Gold Key comic discussion!

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