Drawing Trek Episode 30: Gold Key #31 - The Final Truth

Originally released on May 28, 2017

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Gold Key Comics #31 - The Final Truth

Written By John David Warner
Artwork By Alberto Giolitti
Published July 1975
Stardate 20:10.7

Again, the writer of our beloved "Mummies of Heitius VII" returns... will this issue live up to the gold standard?

Jeff and Ian search for essential Trek in the 31st issue of Star Trek Gold Key Comics, The Final Truth. The Enterprise away team is imprisoned on a planet that holds an incredible revelation for Mr. Spock!

While reading through the comic, Jeff & Ian stop along the way to talk about...

  • The writer's obvious Star Trek knowledge shines through several times throughout the issue
  • Uhura expertly displays her hand-to-hand combat skills
  • A ranking Starfleet member belonging to an alien race we have not seen before (and likely will not see again)
  • Spock meets another Vulcan and finds he has much more in common than he expected
  • A mysterious moss-covered planet with even more mysterious inhabitants
  • One of the best representations of the Kirk character in Gold Key yet
  • More strange unexplained robots with a sidebar about "The Black Hole"
  • Sci-fi in the 1970's, how well this issue represents the motif and the similarities to other sci-fi TV shows of the time
  • One of Spock's trademark lines makes it into the issue
  • Chapel provides some key insights into the planet's true nature
  • Another Sarek-like scenario with a Vulcan ambassador producing offspring with an alien
  • What could have been a defining moment for Spock's character cut short by the medium
  • Spock's "Vulcan" appearance and the dominance of Vulcan genes - would the same be true with other races?
  • Lieutenant Chapel vs Nurse Chapel
  • Some Gold Key Comic panels might make good anti-drug PSA ads!
  • ... and, of course, lots more!

Jeff Hulit
Ian Adams

This issue is ESSENTIAL.


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