Drawing Trek Episode 32: Gold Key #33 - The Choice

Originally released on September 24, 2017

Listen to the show :

Hosts Ian and Jeff dive into the 33rd issue of Star Trek Gold Key Comics, "The Choice"! The Enterprise crew are ordered to investigate an area of space in which Starfleet scientists believe the Big Bang occurred and becomes caught in a time loop!

Join us as we discuss...

  • Lido, a new resort planet is introduced.
  • Strange machinery aboard the Enterprise.
  • Sulu takes the wrong seat on the bridge.
  • A new scientific field is introduced : para-astronomy!
  • Scotty suddenly feels compelled to use the word "mon"
  • Telekinetic powers?
  • A new parallel universe, not the Mirror.
  • The Federation has a Code of Honor!
  • Laser torches... phasers?
  • Captain Kirk's choice is the pivotal moment in all of history.
  • Pre-destination versus free will.
  • Kirk duplicated... again!
  • ... and lots more!

Jeff Hulit
Ian Adams

This issue is ESSENTIAL.


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Jeff Hulit
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Ian Adams
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Ian is a regular host on Drawing Trek.