Drawing Trek Episode 29: Gold Key #30 - Death of a Star

Originally released on April 16, 2017

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Jeff and Ian search for essential Trek in the 30th issue of Star Trek Gold Key Comics, "Death of a Star". Captain Kirk and crew are sent to witness a star going supernova but wind up making a startling discovery about the very nature of stars themselves!

Star Trek : Gold Key Comics Issue 30
  • Written by : Allan Moniz
  • Artist : Alberto Giolitti
  • Cover Art : Unknown (features artwork from the within the issue)
  • Published : May 1975
  • Stardate : 33:33.3

Notable In This Issue
  • A new measurement of distance is introduced : "cubic miles"
  • Spock suddenly decides to carry out his odds predictions to six decimal places
  • Uhura's name is spelled both correctly and incorrectly as "Uhuru" as in several previous issues
  • Kirk offers a strange theory about the inhabitants of the mysterious planet being either midgets or angels
  • Upon beaming down to the planet, Uhura likens the surface to a "doomsday Earth movie set" - to which Spock seems oddly familiar
  • Kirk introduces us to a 23rd century term for insanity by calling an alien woman a "Warp Four Loony"
  • Phasers have a setting called "heat blast"
  • Out of Character Moment : Mr. Spock appears to argue against saving the inhabitants of a planet soon to be consumed by it's sun going nova
  • Gold Key author Allan Moniz' story offers an intriguing theory about the true nature of stars as well as how and when they die

Jeff Hulit
Ian Adams

This issue is NOT ESSENTIAL.


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