TrekRanks Episode 185: Top 5 Discovery Season 5 Moments

Originally released on June 07, 2024

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"Long will we Rank! Long will we Rank!" After five great seasons, it's time to bid adieu to Star Trek: Discovery with our "Top 5 Discovery Season 5 Moments." Our panel of host Jim Moorhouse and guests Caleb Dorsch and Jordan La Fordan break it all down with TrekRanks Matrix by choosing their favorite production elements, behind-the-scenes creatives, characters, episodes and one Dabo Round wildcard pick. The red directive has been lifted for this episode, so download and listen now!

Episode Rundown:

Diagnostic Cycle: We break down the five distinct categories we use in our season recap shows. In order, this week's panelists reveal their picks in the following categories: Production Design, Behind-the-Scenes Creative, Dabo Round Wildcard, Character and Episode!

Prime Directive: Our crew breaks down exactly how they defined their lists.

The Order of Things: Everyone reveals their picks with the usual "Five word Summary and a Hashtag," along with one episode that helps frame their choice.

Secondary Systems: Our guests each rattle off a few additional selections for the picks that just missed our lists!

Regeneration Cycle: Everyone recaps their picks and we discuss some of the interesting statistical anomalies that arose from the discussion.

Temporal Inversion: We flashback to Episode 152 of TrekRanks with a voicemail detailing picks from our show on the Top 5 Quietest Episodes.

If you have your own picks you would like to relay to us, please hail us at 757-828-RANK (7265) and record your own personal TrekRanks log to let us know your Top 5 Discovery Season 5 Moments. (Or you can record it yourself and just DM us @TrekRanks on Twitter.) Your comments could be used as part of a Temporal Inversion on an upcoming episode (and might get you a chance to be a guest on a future episode, too).

And don't forget to check out for our entire back catalog of episodes and a detailed rundown on every episode of Star Trek ever.


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