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Jan 27, 2018 : A New Show Is Here!

ReadingTrek: A Star Trek Book Club Podcast has left space dock! Hosts William Conlin and Marty Allee are here on The Tricorder Transmissions network with their new show exploring Star Trek expanded universe novels! Look for their latest episodes in the "Our Latest Transmissions" section below!

Our Latest Transmissions
Feb 20, 2018
DiscoTrek Reflects On Discovery Season One

Hosts Heather and Jeff are joined by Marina Kravchuck and Stuart Foley to look back on the first season of Star Trek Discovery.
Dec 10, 2017
The Crystalline Entity Got Nothin On The Psychocrystals

On the 34th episode of Drawing Trek, Ian and Jeff discuss Gold Key Comics 34th issue, "The Psychocrystals"! Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew happen upon a planet rich in valuable crystal deposits... but what else is hidden beneath the surface?
Feb 16, 2018
PoliTreks Interviews Manu Saadia

For Episode 7, Shashank and Barry get the distinguished pleasure to speak with Manu Saadia, author of 'Trekonomics'. This is the essential book on the discussion of what a 24th Century economy would really look like, socially, politically, and, of course, economically.
Feb 19, 2018
Kodos, The Remorseful Featuring "Drasitc Measures"

In our first two-part episode, we are joined by Heather Barker, as we dive into the first half of Dayton Ward's Discovery Novel, "Drastic Measures". We had a great conversation about Kudos' remorse, prime Lorca, and what we think about "cannon".
Feb 18, 2018
Shore Leave Returns

Hosts Jeff and Heather chat 2018 STLV news and the newcomer experience with guests Rodney Jones and Carl Wonders!
Sep 16, 2017
Tricorder Reacts to "The Orville" Series Premiere!

Jeff is joined by two new guests, time travel expert Steve Sikoryak, and film score blogger Carl Wonders to discuss the series premiere of the new sci-fi comedy show, "The Orville".
Mar 5, 2017
Sulu breaks a leg... literally!

Join us for episode 119 of our Original Mission searching for essential Trek moments in the 11th episode of The Animated Series, "The Terratin Incident"!
Feb 10, 2018
TrekRanks Sees Double!

Nothing says Star Trek quite like meeting yourself in some kind of alternate reality or Mirror Universe. And on this week's TrekRanks Podcast we look deep into the inner psyche of our Top 5 Doppelgangers, Duplicates & Doubles. Jim Moorhouse is joined by Claire Little and Ken Reilly of and they keep the topic defined very broad with some picks you might expect a few that will definitely surprise you!

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