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QueerTrek is an LGBTQ community empowered Star Trek podcast, where topics come from you and your suggestions. Each show, our hosts will be joined by two guests who will share their stories, while discussing the subjects they choose within the scope of Star Trek's 52 year history, ranging from personal stories, episode examinations, characters, and themes in Star Trek, all from a queer perspective. Everyone from the LGBTQ community, and our allies, are invited to appear. Please submit guest and topic requests to or fill out the submission form below.

This is YOUR podcast and we need YOU to make it happen!


Nov 28
QueerTrek #3: DS9 Characters From A Queer Perspective and more!
On our third episode of QueerTrek, hosts Marty and Heather are joined by Kira to examine a few of DS9's characters from a queer perspective, as well as what it means to be asexual and non-binary via Kira's personal life story.

Oct 16
QueerTrek #2: Transgender Representation in Star Trek
In our second episode, Heather, Marty and guest Felicity discuss Transgender representation in Star Trek, focusing on TNG's The Outcast and ENT's Cogenitor

Sep 04
QueerTrek #1: Coming Out!
Hosts Marty Allee and Heather Barker along with guest Eric Profancik introduce the show, chat future episodes, the Star Trek LGBTQ community and more!

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