TrekRanks Episode 06 : Top 5 Food Moments

Originally released on July 08, 2017

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From gagh to cellular peptide cake (with mint frosting), fascinating food references have been a part of Trek from the very beginning. On this episode of the TrekRanks Podcast, hosts Jim Moorhouse and Jeff Hulit are joined by Trek food connoisseur Adam Drosin to break down our most niche topic yet! You will be surprised at the amazing character depth and storytelling layers revealed in the picks.

As they do in every episode, our hosts begin by running a Level One Diagnostic on the topic, and then discuss the Prime Directive that guided their ranking criteria. Jim and Adam then break down their selections in The Order of Things by revealing their "Five Word Summary and Hashtag" for each of their Top 5 Trek Food Moments and the episode in which it appeared.

This is definitely an episode for fans of deep cut selections. The result of their discussion reveals a cross-section of moments that help define many different characters throughout the history of Star Trek. The Secondary Systems section of the show goes even more in depth on some of the moments that just missed out making their lists. Soundbites from a few select episodes are also featured in the episode to help highlight some of the big moments.

After a quick recap of all the picks in the Regeneration Cycle, the episode concludes with a visit into a Temporal Causality Loop as we flashback to Episode 5 for listener feedback regarding our Five Episode Marathons for a Trek Newcomer.

As always, make sure to hail us here on our website by leaving a voicemail and record your own personal TrekRanks log to let us know your Top 5 Food Moments in Star Trek history. Your comments might be used via a Temporal Causality Loop in an upcoming episode.


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Jim Moorhouse
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Jeff Hulit
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Adam Drosin
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