TrekRanks Episode 108: Top 5 Crusher Episodes

Originally released on April 08, 2021

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Our series of character breakdown episodes returns with a twist. We are tackling the Top 5 Crusher Episodes, and that means exactly what you think it does! All of the Crushers are in play for this TNG-centered topic: Beverly, Wesley and even Jack. Our panel, featuring host Jim Moorhouse and TNG fans Amy Nelson and Christos Giannaris, mix it up in a bunch of different ways to finalize their lists. It's a Crusher family deep dive on this week's fun episode of TrekRanks.

Episode Rundown:

• Level One Diagnostic Cycle: As we do on every "character episode" of TrekRanks, our panel each picks one word describe Beverly and Wesley individual.

• Prime Directive: The crew breaks down exactly how they defined their lists and how they mixed up between all the eligible Crushers.

• The Order of Things: Everyone reveals their Crusher episodes and moments with the usual "Five words and a hashtag" summary.
o Secondary Systems: Our guests each rattle off a few additional selections for the picks that just missed our lists!

• Regeneration Cycle: We recap all of our picks and highlight the final tally for each Crusher.

• Temporal Distortion: We flashback to a voicemail detailing the "Top 5 Scenes in a Corridor," our topic for episode 105 of TrekRanks.

If you have your own picks you would like to relay to us, please hail us at 609-512-LLAP (5527) and record your own personal TrekRanks log to let us know your Top 5 Crusher Episodes. (Or you can record it yourself and just DM us @TrekRanks on Twitter.) Your comments could be used in a Temporal Distortion on an upcoming episode (and might get you a chance to be a guest on a future episode, too).

And don't forget to check out for our entire back catalog of episodes and a detailed rundown on every episode of Star Trek ever.


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