TrekRanks Episode 95: Top 5 Lower Decks Season 1 Moments

Originally released on October 13, 2020

Listen to the show :

"It's warp time!" Brilliant in concept, design and execution, Star Trek: Lower Decks is jampacked with heart, humor, story, emotion and references - and, of course, we break it all down in this week's TrekRanks with our Top 5 Lower Decks Season 1 Moments. From the stellar cast to the expert animation, host Jim Moorhouse and guests Brooke Horton and Ron Wrobel run through every subtle jab and laugh-out-loud spit take from the hilarious new series. "Warp me!"


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Jim Moorhouse
Sat on the bridge of the NX-01, Star Trek trivia master and host of the TrekRanks podcast.
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Ron Wrobel
DiscoTrek guest and Star Trek fan!
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Brooke Horton
TrekRanks guest and Star Trek fan!