TrekRanks Episode 102: Top 5 Discovery Season 3 Moments

Originally released on January 13, 2021

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On this week's TrekRanks we jump all the way to the 32nd century to break down the Top 5 Discovery Season 3 Moments. Our expert panel of host Jim Moorhouse and guests Teresa Jusino and Ebony Elizabeth Thomas cover it all from the Emerald Chain to Su'Kal. As always, for our season recap shows, we use five distinct categories to cut through it all: production design, performer, Dabo round wildcard, character and episode! You ready for a comprehensive look back at a phenomenal season? Let's fly!

The show opens with a Level One Diagnostic Cycle breaking down the five distinct categories used to analyze Discovery's third season. In order, this week's panelists reveal their picks in the following categories: Production Design, Performer, Dabo Round Wildcard, Character and Episode! While production design, character and episode are pretty clear categories, the Round 4 topic of Top Performer is focused on the actor or creative who connected with Trek both on and off the screen. And the Round 3 Wildcard Pick is basically the Dabo Round!

After a quick Prime Directive to detail how each host approached their lists, the crew jumps into The Order of Things to reveal their picks (all featuring the usual "Five Words and a Hashtag" summary found on every episode of TrekRanks). And as we always do, we pick one episode that best highlights our final selections.

After going through a few Secondary Systems picks and a Regeneration Cycle to recap our choices, the episode winds down with a Temporal Distortion pushing us back to Episode 98 and a voicemail list for the "Top 5 Episodes that Feel Like TOS."

If you have your own picks, please make sure to hail us at 609-512-LLAP (5527) and record your own personal TrekRanks log to let us know your Top 5 Discovery Season 3 Moments. Your comments might be used via a Temporal Causality Loop in an upcoming episode.

And don't forget to check out for our entire back catalog of episodes and a detailed rundown on every episode of Star Trek ever.


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