TrekRanks Episode 164: Top 5 Strange New Worlds Season 2 Moments

Originally released on August 18, 2023

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Connections, characters, crossovers and chorus! It's time for the "Top 5 Strange New Worlds Season 2 Moments," a deep dive into one of the most complete and satisfying seasons of Star Trek ever. Our host Jim Moorhouse and panel guests Jamie McGregor and Paige Thatcher run through their favorites from production to creatives to characters to episodes in this comprehensive recap! We cover a lot of ground from Spock/Chapel to La'an/Kirk and everything in between.

Episode Rundown:

Level One Diagnostic Cycle: We break down the five distinct categories we use in our season recap shows. In order, this week's panelists reveal their picks in the following categories: Production Design, MVP Creative, Dabo Round Wildcard, MVP Character and Episode!

Prime Directive: Our crew defines exactly how they finalized their lists.

The Order of Things: Everyone reveals their picks with the usual "Five words and a hashtag" summary, along with one episode that helps frame their choice.

Secondary Systems: Our guests each rattle off a few additional selections for the picks that just missed our lists!

Regeneration Cycle: Everyone recaps their picks and discusses some of the interesting statistical anomalies that arose from the discussion.

Temporal Inversion: We flashback to Episode 156 of TrekRanks and relay some of the great feedback we received from our listeners on the Top 5 Picard Season 3 Moments.

If you have your own picks you would like to relay to us, please hail us at 609-512-LLAP (5527) and record your own personal TrekRanks log to let us know your Top 5 Strange New Worlds Season 2 Moments. (Or you can record it yourself and just DM us @TrekRanks on Twitter.) Your comments could be used as part of a Temporal Inversion on an upcoming episode (and might get you a chance to be a guest on a future episode, too).

And don't forget to check out for our entire back catalog of episodes and a detailed rundown on every episode of Star Trek ever.


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