TrekRanks Episode 23: Top 5 Series Engineers

Originally released on March 09, 2018

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Grab your hyperspanner and help the TrekRanks crew dive deep into our first-ever ranking of a key Star Trek series position. First-up is our Top 5 Series Engineers. Your choices are: Montgomery Scott, Geordi LaForge, Miles O'Brien, B'Elanna Torres and Trip Tucker. Host Jim Moorhouse is joined this week by Sam Darragh of the Trekkie Girls and Duncan Barrett of TrekFM's Primitive Culture.

With only five possible picks in this TrekRanks' finite topic episode, we'll have a slight change of format for how we get this week's Star Trek conversation started. After starting with our regular Level One Diagnostic to get a feel for how everyone is approaching their picks, we'll go through each of our eligible engineers in the Prime Directive and name an episode or moment that we love about that character. Each of those episode selections will, of course, be accompanied by our usual "Five Words and a Hashtag" summary.

Once the plasma exhaust settles on that engineering lovefest in the Prime Directive, we'll rank our selections in The Order of Things! Our crew's final picks are consistent in some areas, and divergent in others, but one thing we know for sure, someone had to be ranked fifth on each list (but that doesn't mean we still don't love that character!).

With no need for any Secondary Systems picks or our normal Regeneration Cycle this week, we then jump into a special Temporal Causality Loop as we flashback to Episode 21 and our Top 5 Doppelgangers, Duplicates & Doubles episode.


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Jim Moorhouse
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