TrekRanks Episode 92: Top 5 Buzzer Beaters

Originally released on September 03, 2020

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"10 seconds to structural failure. 9, 8 ..." We need you to listen to this week's latest unique TrekRanks topic (the Top 5 Buzzer Beaters) to help us avoid structural TrekRanks failure! "7, 6, 5 ..." From computer countdowns to near-miss anomalies to last-second heroics, there are no shortage of Buzzer Beaters throughout the history of Star Trek and we break it all down. "4, 3 ..." Our expert panel of host Jim Moorhouse and guests Alex Perry and Abby Sommer, take us through all the best close calls to make sure our structural integrity stays intact. "2, 1 ..." Engage!

This week's show opens with a comprehensive dive into everyone's Prime Directive to detail how the panel each approached their lists and narrowed down their Buzzer Beater picks. We then move into The Order of Things to reveal all our picks via the patented TrekRanks "Five Words and a Hashtag Summary." After going through a few Secondary Systems picks and a Regeneration Cycle breakdown, the episode hunkers down in a Temporal Causality Loop flashback to Episode 84 and the "Top Odo Episodes" celebrating the work of Rene Auberjonois.

If you have your own picks you would like to relay to us, please hail us at 609-512-LLAP (5527) and record your own personal TrekRanks log to let us know your Top 5 Buzzer Beaters. Or you can record it yourself and just DM us @TrekRanks on Twitter. Your comments could be used via a Temporal Causality Loop on an upcoming episode (and might get you a chance to be a guest on a future episode, too).

And don't forget to check out for our entire back catalog of episodes and a detailed rundown on every episode of Star Trek ever.


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