TrekRanks Episode 46: Top 5 Enterprise Underrated

Originally released on January 03, 2019

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Our "Underrated Series" continues as we dive into our Top 5 Enterprise Underrated by celebrating the unheralded elements of Star Trek: Enterprise. This great series is obviously underrated as a whole, but we break it down even further on this week's show with host Jim Moorhouse, and guests Alex Perry and Dana Kenedy, getting into the nitty-gritty of some of the shows most underappreciated moments.

The show opens with a Level One Diagnostic breaking down the five distinct categories used to categorize our Enterprise Underrated selections. In order, this week's panelists reveal their picks in the following categories: Production Design, Performer, Dabo Wildcard Pick, Character and Episode!

After a quick Prime Directive to detail how each host approached their lists, the crew jumps in to The Order of Things to reveal their picks (all featuring the usual "Five Words and a Hashtag" summary).

After going through a few Secondary Systems picks and a Regeneration Cycle breakdown to run through some statistics, the episode concludes with a visit into a Temporal Causality Loop as we flashback to Episode 43 and our Top 5 Bottle Shows and relay some of our great listener feedback.

As always, if you have your own lists or picks you want to share with us, please make sure to hail us at 609-512-LLAP (5527) and record your own personal TrekRanks log to let us know your Top 5 TOS Underrated. Your comments might be used via a Temporal Causality Loop in an upcoming episode.

You can also reach us via twitter @TrekRanks or at


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Jim Moorhouse
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