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Hosts Heather and Jeff are joined by convention-going friends and family to discuss a wide range of topics. Born out of a mutual love for the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, the podcast has grown to cover cons and fan gatherings everywhere. Listen along as they cover convention news, memories, con-going advice, cosplay tips and more!


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Jan 24
1 Shore Leave #1 - Intro, STLV50 News & First Khans
Hosts Jeff Hulit and Heather Barker are joined by Atavachron co-host Claire Little and friend of the show Gerardo Yanes to introduce the series, and talk the current state of STLV50. Also on this episode we present the the first installment of "First Khans", a segment where guests reminisce about their first time attending the Star Trek : Las Vegas convention!

Feb 21
2 Shore Leave #2 - STLV News Update & First Khans 2
Episode 2 of our newest series, "Shore Leave", is here! On this episode we are joined by Bill Smith, Adam Drosin and Ian Adams to talk breaking Star Trek Las Vegas con news and our second "First Khans" segment.

Mar 13
3 Shore Leave #3 - STLV News Update & First Khans 3
Hosts Heather and Jeff are joined by Claire Little, co-host of the Atavachron podcast, Jim Moorhouse and Dan Davidson from TrekGeeks to talk new STLV50 guests, more about the early sell-out and the third edition of our First Khans segment.

Apr 10
4 Shore Leave #4 - Five Year Mission & First Khans 4
Heather and Jeff are joined by Andy Fark and Mike Rittenhouse of Five Year Mission, Brian Nac and Adam Drosin to talk 5YM news, STLV50, answer listener questions and more! Stay tuned at the end for our fourth installment of "First Khans" where Andy, Mike and Brian remember their first STLV conventions.

May 15
5 Shore Leave #5 - Larry Nemecek & First Khans 5
You heard right! Larry Nemecek makes an appearance on the 5th installment of Shore Leave to talk Portal 47, STLV50 and share some rare convention memories! Later in the show, Heather and Jeff answer more listener questions.

Jun 19
6 Shore Leave #6 - Vendor Room Spectacular - Part 1
Heather and Jeff are back with the first part of their STLV50 vendor room series featuring Skyboat Media and Make It Sew!

Jul 03
7 Shore Leave #7 - Vendor Room Spectacular - Part 2
Jeff and Heather host the second part of the Shore Leave STLV50 Vendor Room Spectacular featuring Five Year Mission, STOked Radio, and Bye Bye Robot!

Jul 10
8 Shore Leave #8 - Cosplay 2016
Jeff and Heather talk cosplay and answer listener questions with the incredibly talented Brooke Wilkins of Garaks Tailor and Repair, popular STLV cosplayer Eric Allan Hall and show regular Adam Drosin!

Jul 17
9 Shore Leave #9 - Vendor Room Spectacular - Part 3
Heather and Jeff beam in with the third part of the Shore Leave Star Trek Las Vegas 2016 Vendor Room Spectacular. On this episode, Dani Schwartz of ShopLLAP stops by to chat about the history of the store, designing merchandise with her grandfather, the special items she will have available at the convention, future plans for ShopLLAP and more!

Jul 31
10 Shore Leave #10 - Departing for STLV50!
On this final episode before STLV 2016, they are joined by Andy Fark of Five Year Mission and Claire Little, co-host of our Atavachron series to answer listener questions!

Aug 18
11 Shore Leave #11 - Las Vegas Convention Wrap-Up (part 1)
Four Tricorder Transmissions hosts converge for the first part of our 2016 Star Trek Las Vegas convention wrap-up here on Shore Leave! Join Heather Barker and Jeff Hulit as they chat with Atavachron co-host Claire Little and our brand new Gold Key Comics co-chair, Ian Adams about all things STLV50!

Aug 28
12 Shore Leave #12 - Las Vegas Convention Wrap-Up (part 2)
On this second part of our 2016 Las Vegas convention wrap-up, hosts Heather and Jeff welcome returning guests Andy Fark of Five Year Mission, Adam Drosin, and newcomer Josh Duffy to the show. More convention memories, house band stories from backstage, hopes for next year, and a First Khans segment with Josh!

Sep 11
13 Shore Leave #13 - Las Vegas Convention Wrap-Up (part 3)
Hosts Heather and Jeff sit down with two very special returning guests to look back on the 2016 Las Vegas convention on this 13th episode of Shore Leave. First up, the wonderful Dani Schwartz of ShopLLAP stops by to reminisce about arriving the con, her booth in the vendor room, stories about her grandfather from fans she met, and plans for the future of the shop! Later, our good friend Jim Moorhouse joins in to reflect on his experiences at the con, look back at his panel on the Roddenberry stage, and chat about the Mission NY convention.

Sep 25
14 Shore Leave #14 - Exploring the 2016 Trek Cons
Jeff and Heather are joined by well-travelled convention goer and good friend Marina Kravchuk to see how other Trek cons she has been to compare to STLV! Later, Jeff and Heather reflect on their participation in the live-tweet event for the new Leonard Nimoy documentary.

Oct 16
15 Shore Leave #15 - NYCC and Star Trek Away Teams
On the fifteenth episode of Shore Leave, hosts Heather and Jeff divert from their usual course to check out the goings-on at the recent New York Comic Con. Stopping by the studio to report in on all things Trek at NYCC, Star Trek Away Team meetups and lots more are newcomer to the show Michael Nguyen and returning guest Marina Kravchuk!

Nov 20
16 Shore Leave #16 - Northeast Trek Con
Heather and Jeff are joined by our roaming convention reporter Marina Kravchuk and newcomer to the show Frankie Engelbert to talk about the brand new Northeast Trek Con convention! Listen in as we cover all the panels, celebs, vendors and cosplay info plus lots more!

Jan 15
17 Shore Leave #17 - 2017 Trek Wishes
In our first episode of the new year, Jeff and Heather assemble a crew of fellow Tricorder Transmissions hosts and STLV friends to chat about the Trek stuff we are most looking forward to in 2017! Join Claire Little, Ian Adams, Laura Harris and Jim Moorhouse as we talk Star Trek Discovery, STLV2017, the 30th Anniversary of TNG, and lots more!

Feb 19
18 Shore Leave #18 - Star Trek : The Cruise 2017
Jeff and Heather are joined by friend of the show Jesse Oquendo to chat about the first anniversary of Shore Leave, STLV news, the recent ticket price hike, and Star Trek : The Cruise! Jesse tells us all about his time on the ship, the celebs, events, ports of call, Trek themed food & drinks, and lots more!

Mar 19
19 Shore Leave #19 - Leonard Nimoy QA and STLV 2017 w/Dani Schwartz
This week on Shore Leave, Dani Schwartz stops by the show to talk about Shop LLAP's return to STLV in 2017 and to answer listener questions about her grandfather, Leonard Nimoy. Hosts Heather and Jeff chat with Dani about our mutual love for our grandfathers, how Dani's relationship with Leonard evolved from her childhood years through adulthood, vacations and holidays with the family, Dani's thoughts on Star Trek and Spock, and of course, some of her favorite memories of her grandfather.

Apr 09
20 Shore Leave #20 - TTT Episode 200, STLV News and Cons of Yore w/Bonnie Moss
Heather and Jeff celebrate episode 200 of The Tricorder Transmissions, talk STLV news and talk cons of the past with special guest Bonnie Moss.

Apr 30
21 Shore Leave #21 - 2017 Kirk Memorial Tour & More w/Larry Nemecek
Shore Leave 21 has arrived with an extended chat session with returning guest, Larry Nemecek! Tune in to hear all about Larry's upcoming GeekNation tour in Vegas, his Portal 47 project, the Con of Wrath documentary and LOTS more!

May 14
22 Shore Leave #22 - STLV 101 Part 1 with John Krikorian
Everything you wanted to know about attending the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention on Shore Leave's STLV 101 episode!

Jun 04
23 Shore Leave #23 - STLV 101 Part 2 with Marina & Jesse
Shore Leave returns this week with part two of our STLV 101 coverage with Heather, Jeff, Marina and Jesse taking a look at convention hours, schedules and events, autographs, photo ops, meet and greets, cosplay, props and weapons policies and much, much more!

Jun 25
24 Shore Leave #24 - STLV 101 Part 3 with Marina & Jesse
Jeff and Heather are joined once again by Marina and Jesse for the final installment of Shore Leave's STLV 101 series. In this hour, they discuss a range of convention topics including stress management, staying healthy at the convention, accessibility and lots more!

Jul 02
25 Shore Leave #25 : Managing Conventions with Anxiety
Jeff and Heather are joined by Matt Hansen and Zach Nichols to discuss managing anxiety disorders while attending large conventions. Each host and guest shares personal insights and advice from their own experiences and thoughts on how others can overcome their own struggles with anxiety.

Jul 09
26 Shore Leave #26 : 2017 Vendor Room Spectacular (part 1)
Hosts Heather and Jeff are joined by Dani Schwartz of ShopLLAP to chat about her table at STLV. Julie Nimoy and David Knight stop by the show to tell us all about the screening of the new "Remembering Leonard Nimoy" on Wednesday August 2nd at STLV, and Mikki Gunter of "Make It Sew" fills us all in on the new handmade Trek items she'll have on her table in the vendor room!

Jul 16
27 Shore Leave #27 : 2017 Vendor Room Spectacular (part 2)
Jeff and Heather are joined by Lew Halboth from FanSets to chat about new pins for STLV 2017 and Larry Nemecek stops by to give an update on his plans for the upcoming convention and lots more!

Jul 23
28 Shore Leave #28 : Star Trek Discovery, Con Etiquette, and Departing for STLV 2017
Hosts Jeff and Heather are joined by fellow Tricorder hosts and show regulars for their final Shore Leave before the 2017 Las Vegas convention to discuss Star Trek Discovery news, convention etiquette, and what we are all looking forward to in a week's time!

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