Shore Leave #50: Star Trek The Cruise III

Originally released on February 17, 2019

Listen to the show :

Shore Leave returns with a recap of January's Star Trek: The Cruise III. Marina and Jesse are joined by a new guest and a fellow STLV vet, Sherri Kidner, to talk about the ins and outs of Star Trek cruising, the excitement of onboard life and the expectations of the next year's Cruise VI.

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Marina Kravchuk
Marina is the co-host of the Shore Leave podcast and a part of the admin team for the Unofficial Star Trek Las Vegas Convention group on Facebook. She is a long time fan of Star Trek and a frequent convention goer. Aside from watching, reading, discussing or otherwise daydreaming about her favorite Trek incarnations, as well as planning further convention trips, Marina enjoys discovering and attending the impressive variety of events, performances and exhibits New York City has to offer.

Jesse Oquendo
Jesse is an IT Business Consultant who spends a good amount of time on the road. When not traveling for work, Jesse finds his home among his online Star Trek community as he serves as Admin for both the Unofficial STLV and the Star Trek The Cruise Facebook groups. You can also find this Trekkie bragging about his three fur-babies to anyone who will listen.
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Sherri Kidner
Shore Leave guest and Star Trek fan!