Shore Leave #10 - Departing for STLV50!

Originally released on July 31, 2016

Listen to the show :

Jeff and Heather return for the 10th installment of Shore Leave. On this final episode before STLV 2016, they are joined by Andy Fark of Five Year Mission and Claire Little, co-host of our Atavachron series to answer listener questions!

STLV 50 Topics Covered On This Episode :
  • Cosplay is not consent!
  • Creation Entertainment's new "no weapons" policy

Listener Questions and Comments On Social Anxiety :
  • Sean Mooney - Using t-shirts or name tags at the con to let people know that they are safe people to approach if you have social anxiety
  • Jessika Lange - Star Trek small-talk is always a good ice-breaker if you are trying to meet people
  • Carly Shibby - Little out-of-the-way spots in the convention center you can use as a reprieve from the crowds
  • Karen Hinckley shares things she's learned over her years of convention attendance to help overcome social anxiety at the con
  • Jackie Hackney - things people who do NOT suffer from social anxiety can do to help others that do
  • Desirae Rogers recommends taking photographs of people in cosplay or other Trek-themed clothing as a conversation starter
  • Janice Wawrzynowicz Sanborn talks about things you can do to plan ahead to help deal with your social anxiety
  • Michelle Celich, Heather Barker and Jeff Hulit talk about the energy it takes to overcome their own introversion at the convention and the recovery time they need to get back to center
  • Michelle Celich - wearing costumes or funny Trek t-shirts can be a great way to make you approachable to others
  • Jesse M Oquendo - challenge yourself to come out of your shell but be sure to step away when you feel worn out
  • Meredith Loughlin - The benches in the hall between the casino and the convention center are inconspicuous. If you have a room or a friend has a room a break always helps

Listener Questions :
  • Aaron Harvey - How difficult will it be to avoid smoking?
  • Neil Carpenter I heard about the length of queues for do Starbucks etc. Is that just during he con hours or are they still rammed early or later into the evening?
  • Caitlin Marie Walsh - Any advice crossing the street from the Gold Coast?

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