Shore Leave #28 : Star Trek Discovery, Con Etiquette, and Departing for STLV 2017

Originally released on July 23, 2017

Listen to the show :

Hosts Heather and Jeff are joined by TrekRanks host Jim Moorhouse, and returning guests Claire Little and Adam Drosin to run down the Star Trek Discovery announcements for the upcoming Las Vegas convention, tips on convention etiquette, what they're most looking forward to at STLV2017, and Shore Leave announcements for the convention!

  • Groupon/Goldstar tickets are now available!
  • Star Trek Discovery panel kicks off the convention on Wednesday, August 2nd
  • USS Discovery Captain's Chair and prop/costume exhibit
  • CBS All-Access stage details, Jordan Hoffman panels, Trek Trivia Tournaments, and more
  • Science at STLV with Phil Plait and researchers from Caltech plus a live Kobayashi Maru event for kids!
  • Juan Ortiz returns with a gallery of his 178 TNG posters
  • TNG Archives display alongside the Ten Forward replica
  • Trek authors, editors and illustrators attending the convention
Convention Etiquette Tips
  • Thoughts on initiating physical contact
  • Hallway navigation tips and spatial awareness when carrying large bags/backpacks
  • Panel courtesy
  • Things to keep in mind at the bar and late night parties
Departing for STLV 2017 Roundtable
  • Jeff, Heather, Claire and Adam take turns talking about the things they're looking forward to at STLV
Shore Leave Announcements for STLV 2017
  • Shore Leave Horgh'an pins and how you can get one!
  • The Tricorder Transmissions 4th anniversary button
  • TrekRanks album art pins
  • Santa Gorn's 2017 gift
  • Heather's craft-swap LGBTQA buttons
  • Shore Leave presents the 2017 STLV Bingo Challenge! Top three prizes include $50 gift certificates for ShopLLAP, FanSets and Make It Sew.. and everyone who completes the 8 delta shield squares gets an exclusive Captain's Holiday wristband! 100 bingo cards will be available throughout the convention so be sure to get in on the action!


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Jeff Hulit
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Heather Barker
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Heather is a regular host on Shore Leave, DiscoTrek and The Original Mission.
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Claire Little
Trekkie, gamer, bibliophile. Vulcan with a sense of humor.
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Jim Moorhouse
Friend of the show, fellow STLV attendee and an extra on Star Trek : Enterprise!
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Adam Drosin
Our Paramount connection, friend of the show, and fellow STLV attendee.