Shore Leave #57: Destination Star Trek 2019

Originally released on November 22, 2019

Listen to the show :

Jesse and Marina welcome the STLV and DST regular, and a first-time Shore Leave guest, Sean Mooney. Listen in, as we talk about his convention experiences and discuss all things Destination Star Trek! The panels, the photo ops, the queues, what worked and what didn't, and what we hope DST 2020 will bring.


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Cam Smith
When not bowing down at the vibrant, wondrous altar that is The Original Series, resident Vul-Canadian Cam can be found composing Vedek Bareil rap tributes or launching letter writing campaigns to resurrect Commander Ellen Landry (#Fandry). He is also the intrepid co-host of the long running Star Trek podcast Subspace Transmissions, as well as the Schwarzenegger film discussion show Arniegeddon. Like Janeway, he too struggles to get the hang of the Tak Tak.