Shore Leave #31 : DragonCon for Beginners

Originally released on September 03, 2017

Listen to the show :

Hosts Heather and Jeff change course this episode to talk about the famous DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia! Joined by Sue K from Women At Warp and Gary Mitchel from RevCast, they run through a long list of things beginners should know when attending DragonCon. Tune in for tips, tricks and information about travel, hotel, ticket packages, convention spaces, finding your way around, staying healthy... and a whole lot more!

Topics Covered in "DragonCon for Beginners"
  • Managing your schedule at the convention
  • Official and unofficial events and where to find them
  • The size, scale, and layout of the convention
  • Panels, lines and wait time advice
  • DragonConTV, what it is and how you can watch from your hotel or home!
  • Hotels and how to get to the con from where you're staying
  • Booking your hotel room - how far in advance should you lock in?
  • "Legacy Rooms" - booking next year's hotel room at this year's con
  • Public transportation, Uber and Lyft if you're staying further away
  • The DragonCon Parade, how best to watch it and navigating the con while it's happening
  • Staying hydrated and water availability around the convention space
  • Ticket pricing and options
  • Vendor's rooms breakdown and advice
  • Cosplay tips, managing outdoor heat and indoor cold
  • Weapons & Harassment policies
  • The benefits of a fan-run convention
  • The Walk of Fame, setup, celebrity availability and pricing
  • Cash vs credit cards and ATM availability
  • VIP/Package photos and signings
  • The official DragonCon smartphone app
  • Events around town, aquarium and The Center for Puppetry Arts
  • Food options and finding healthy, affordable meals while at the con
  • Accessibility options and services at DragonCon
  • After hours events
  • The Star Trek track
  • The American Sci-Fi Classics Track
  • DragonCon's yearly charity fundraiser and other charitable events - 2017's convention will be supporting the Special Olympics



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