Episode 3 :
Shore Leave #3 - STLV News Update & First Khans 3

Originally released on March 13, 2016

Listen to the show :

Hosts Heather and Jeff are joined by Claire Little, co-host of the Atavachron podcast, Jim Moorhouse and Dan Davidson from TrekGeeks to talk new STLV guests, more about the early sell-out and the third edition of our First Khans segment.

Star Trek Las Vegas Convention Topics Covered On This Episode Include :

Questions from the Unofficial Facebook group :

First Khans with Jim and Dan :

Other Topics & Convention-Going Advice :

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Jeff Hulit
Co-host and producer for all Tricorder Transmissions series.

Heather Barker
Administrator of the Unofficial Las Vegas Star Trek Convention Facebook page, Trekkie, Cheerfleet member & STLV enthusiast!!
Heather is a regular host on Shore Leave and DiscoTrek as well as appearing on The Original Mission and TrekRanks.

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Claire Little
Trekkie, gamer, bibliophile. Vulcan with a sense of humor.

You can hear Claire regularly as co-host on
The Tricorder Transmissions : Atavachron

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Jim Moorhouse
Friend of the show, fellow STLV attendee and an extra on Star Trek : Enterprise!

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Dan Davidson
Co-host of the TrekGeeks podcast.

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