Shore Leave #22 - STLV 101 Part 1 with John Krikorian

Originally released on May 14, 2017

Listen to the show :

It's everything you wanted to know about the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention on our 2-hour "STLV 101" episode with special guest, Las Vegas native, John Krikorian! Starting with your arrival in Vegas, we cover a TON of convention topics including hotels and getting around Vegas, pre-registration and ticket packages, all about the convention space, dining and grocery options, Las Vegas safety and LOTS LOTS MORE!

Looking for something specific? Check out our episode breakdown with timestamps so you can jump right to the topic you're interested in :

00:02:42 - Travel : McCarran Airport, Transportation to the Rio including taxis, shuttles, Uber & Lyft
00:14:50 - Hotels & Accommodations : The Rio, Gold Coast, Palms and other options
00:20:55 - Fitness While Travelling : Rio Hotel Fitness Center Info
00:24:00 - Smoking at the Rio
00:26:58 - Heather's experience staying at the Gold Coast
00:29:55 - Getting Around : The Palms Hotel
00:31:35 - Getting Around : Getting from the Rio to the strip
00:33:58 - Heath Tips : Vegas safety and staying hydrated
00:37:30 - STLV Ticket Packages : Gold, Captain's Chair, Copper & General Admission Package Tier Levels
00:49:56 - Aftermarket Tickets : Buying STLV tickets from from someone other than Creation Entertainment
00:51:36 - STLV Single-Day Tickets
00:54:07 - The Main Stage : About reserved seating and the main panel theater
01:00:30 - Discounted tickets : Groupon and Gold Star
01:03:30 - Pre-Registration for package ticket holders
01:09:59 - STLV Convention Space Layout
01:16:58 - Photo Ops : Dedicated room for professional photos and buying tickets at the convention
01:18:37 - The DeForest Kelley Theater (secondary panel space)
01:23:52 - Quark's Bar
01:25:45 - The Roddenberry Stage
01:29:28 - The Celebrity Room : autographs and tableside photo ops
01:31:07 - The Vendor's Room
01:36:45 - Things to do and places to eat inside the Rio and Gold Coast
01:41:06 - Places to eat outside of the Rio and Gold Coast
01:44:06 - Grocery and liquor store shopping outside the convention
01:48:52 - Restaurants and fast-food chains you may not have at home
01:50:30 - Other things to do around Las Vegas

Our STLV 101 Series continues with Part Two and Part Three!

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