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Apr 11, 2018 : Episode 300 Coming Soon!

Hi everyone! Our 300th episode is coming very soon featuring retrospectives from all of our Tricorder hosts. Keep your eyes on the site or your favorite podcast catcher in the coming weeks! LLAP

Our Latest Transmissions
Apr 17, 2018
Character Deep-Dive: Tilly

DiscoTrek returns with hosts Heather and Jeff joined by Laura Johnson and Crystal Pisano for it's 19th episode featuring a deep-dive into everything about the Sylvia Tilly character!
Mar 17, 2018
A Bomb In Time

Ian and Jeff cover issue #35 of Star Trek Gold Key Comics, A Bomb In Time. The Enterprise crew chase a bomb through time to a film set in the past!
Apr 8, 2018
DS9 25th Anniversary Celebration (Part 1)

Section 25 is a series of Politreks episodes celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Apr 18, 2018
Saints and Demons - Featuring Star Trek: Invasion!: First Strike

This week, hosts Will and Marty dive into the Star Trek: Invasion! Crossover novel. In the first of a four part series, they talk about the saints and demons within First Strike, by Diane Carey. Next time, Star Trek: Invasion!: The Soldiers of Fear!
Apr 11, 2018
2018 WonderCon

Hosts Heather and Jeff are joined by ReadingTrek hosts William and Marty to discuss their recent trip to the 2018 WonderCon!
Sep 16, 2017
Tricorder Reacts to "The Orville" Series Premiere!

Jeff is joined by two new guests, time travel expert Steve Sikoryak, and film score blogger Carl Wonders to discuss the series premiere of the new sci-fi comedy show, "The Orville".
Mar 4, 2018
The Time Trap

Jeff, Heather and special guest Carl Wonders explore the 12th episode of The Animated Series, "The Time Trap"!
Apr 7, 2018
TrekProfiles Episode #2

This week's guest is Hayley Stoddart!
Apr 7, 2018
Top 5 Space Battles

Space battles in Trek have never just been about the action and explosions. And that's very apparent this week as TrekRanks tackles the Top 5 Space Battles in Star Trek history!
Apr 17, 2018
Third Week of April 2018

This week on WeeklyTrek: The Tricorder Transmissions News, hosts Shashank Avvaru and Marty Allee cover all the latest Star Trek news from around the Trekverse!

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