Supplemental Log 038 - 2017 Garden State Film Festival w/Steven Lance

Originally released on March 26, 2017

Listen to the show :

On the 38th Supplemental Log edition of The Tricorder Transmissions, host Jeff Hulit sits down with actor, author and Star Trek convention MC Steven Lance to talk about his upcoming appearance at the 2017 Garden State Film Festival at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. On Saturday April 1st, Steve will be hosting two events :

  • At 2:30pm in Resort's Superstar Room 3 : "For the Love of Spock", is a documentary of Star Trek's iconic Vulcan, Mr. Spock, and the man who brought him to life, Leonard Nimoy (Produced by Adam Nimoy)

  • At 4:45pm in Resort's Superstar Room 3 : "Where One Man Has Gone Before" "From Cancellation, to Convention, to The Motion Picture" - The fast-paced 90-minute program will allow Star Trek fans, old and new to hear what it was like at those original New York City conventions that led to the role of an alien science officer in the first movie, STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, living with Star Trek's irascible First Engineer, James "Scotty Doohan" and his family, the prosthetic makeup process, and seeing Leonard Nimoy in full Spock makeup! The program will be filled with Steve's hilarious impressions of William Shatner's Captain Kirk, George Takei's Mr. Sulu, and of course, James Doohan's, Scotty.

  • Later in the show, Steve talks about his experiences attending and hosting the earliest Star Trek conventions, his roles in Star Trek : The Motion Picture and the Woody Allen film Stardust Memories, his book "Written Out of Television : A TV Lover's Guide to Cast Changes", and a brief exploration of his work in newspapers and radio in New Jersey.

    Prior to the recording of this episode during a pre-show conversation, Jeff and Steve discovered an unexpected link that led to an amazing discovery for both. In the early 1970's while Steve was just getting started hosting Trek conventions, he had worked up a Star Trek stand-up comedy routine he called, "If We...". After perfecting the routine, Steve decided to record it and have it pressed to vinyl. Incredibly, it was Jeff's uncle Kurt who recorded and produced the record! Stunned by the revelation, Steve and Jeff chat a bit about the recording of that record during the podcast.

    The "If We..." 45!

    - The Garden State Film Festival (use promo code 'Spock' for discounted tickets!)
    - Steven Lance on Twitter
    - Email Steven Lance - if you attended any of the earliest Star Trek conventions, Steve is looking for your input for his upcoming book!

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