The Original Mission #37: I, Mudd

Originally released on April 27, 2014

Listen to the show :

Hosts Craig and Jeff discuss the return of comedic villain Harry Mudd, Kirk vs the Robots (again), and the potential reasons why androids in the original series looked more realistic than Data in TNG.

Stuff Mentioned On The Show This Week

Nimoy's Award
Virtual Voyager Bridge

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Jeff Hulit
Craig Cohen

This episode is ESSENTIAL.


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Jeff Hulit
Managing Partner of The Tricorder Transmissions Network and Administrator of the Unofficial Las Vegas Star Trek Convention Facebook Group.
Jeff is a regular host on Shore Leave, DiscoTrek, The Original Mission, Drawing Trek, and Supplemental Logs.

Craig Cohen
Veteran podcaster, radio guy and fervent Captain Kirk fan.
Craig is a regular host on The Original Mission and Supplemental Logs.