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The Trek Profiles podcast is devoted to the idea that Star Trek changes lives for the better. Each episode, we sit down with a Trek fan, examine how they discovered Star Trek and what it’s meant to them. In doing so, we hope to figure out why Trek means so much to us!

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TrekProfiles Episode List
Jun 13
TrekProfiles #5: Crystal Pisano
A monthly podcast where we explore one Trek fan's history with Star Trek and hear their stories

May 17
TrekProfiles #4: William Smith
This week's guest is Bill Smith from the TrekGeeks podcast! Find him on Twitter @TrekGeekBill

Apr 27
TrekProfiles #3: Amy Nelson
This week's guest is Amy Nelson. Find her on Twitter @MissAmyNelson

Apr 07
TrekProfiles Episode #2: Hayley Stoddart
This week's guest is Hayley Stoddart. Find her on Twitter @Trekkie10D

Mar 10
TrekProfiles Episode #1: Barry DeFord
This week's guest is Barry Deford. Find him on Twitter @BjornDeFjord

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