Star Trek Lower Decks Will Premiere August 6

Originally released on July 06, 2020

Listen to the show :

Jenn Tifft returns to discuss with Alex the news that Star Trek: Lower Decks will premiere in the US and Canada on August 6 (Alex's birthday!) The next Star Trek show is now only 4 and a half weeks away! We also talk about comments by Gates McFadden on a Star Trek Picard appearance, news that Sir Patrick Stewart has started writing a memoir, and your chance to win a walk on role for Star Trek Picard season two. All that, and we ask the question: so if Lower Decks is next, when will Discovery season three premiere?


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Alex Perry
Alex Perry is a lifelong Star Trek fan who enjoys the show in all of its incarnations. Distraught when Enterprise left the air in 2005, he's excited about the emerging new golden age of Star Trek that we're seeing right now. As host of WeeklyTrek, he's excited to bring you the latest news in the Star Trek universe, with all the appropriate context. English by birth, Alex lives in Washington, DC with his wife and cat.
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Jenn Tifft
TrekRanks guest and Star Trek fan!