PoliTreks #12: DebateTrek - Is Edward Jellico Good?

Originally released on May 12, 2018

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In News, co-host Shashank Avvaru shares his thoughts about the White House Correspondents Dinner controversy, the Iran deal and explains his absence in the news segment of the previous show.

For our main topic, we have one question: IS EDWARD JELLICO GOOD? In the debut episode of DebateTreks, co-host Barry DeFord takes on TrekRanks host Jim Moorhouse in an epic war of words over the topic of Edward Jellico. One loves Jellico, the other loves hating him and neither of them are shy about holding back their opinions. Moderator Shashank Avvaru hangs on and tries to make sense amid the chaos!

Feb 5, 2019
PoliTreks #20

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Barry DeFord
School teacher, Trek enthusiast, dog lover!
Barry appears regularly as a co-host on PoliTreks.

Shashank Avvaru
Shashank appears regularly as a co-host on PoliTreks.

Shashank successfully manages a day job as an analyst, a night job writing comic books, a weekend gig co-hosting Politreks. Or he puts all of it off for another day to binge rewatch DS9 for the six hundredth time.

Jim Moorhouse
Sat on the bridge of the NX-01, Star Trek trivia master and host of the TrekRanks podcast.