PoliTreks #8: The PoliTreks of The Motion Picture

Originally released on March 09, 2018

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On our eighth episode of PoliTreks, Shashank and Barry delve deep into the political underpinnings of Star Trek: The Motion Picture in the first of our series - 'The PoliTreks Of'.

We look at working relationships and how people in higher positions can sometime usurp those in lower positions, how Artificial Intelligence poses a major existential threat to humankind (something TMP does well at portraying with Vger), and how the TMP, along with Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Alien sets it among the great Sci-Fi movies that kicked off the genre in its modern form.

To reach us with questions and comments about the show, feel free to call into the show at and leave a voicemail at 609 512 LLAP (5527). Find us on Facebook by searching PoliTreks and on Twitter at @PoliTreks

Feb 5, 2019
PoliTreks #20

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Barry DeFord
School teacher, Trek enthusiast, dog lover!
Barry appears regularly as a co-host on PoliTreks.

Shashank Avvaru
Shashank appears regularly as a co-host on PoliTreks.

Shashank successfully manages a day job as an analyst, a night job writing comic books, a weekend gig co-hosting Politreks. Or he puts all of it off for another day to binge rewatch DS9 for the six hundredth time.