ReadingTrek #13: Feat. Star Trek Invasion: The Final Fury

Originally released on July 10, 2018

Listen to the show :

Concluding our four-part series covering the epic-Star Trek Invasion crossover novels, hosts William Conlin and Marty Allee discuss Star Trek: Voyager's contribution to the Furies story, and how it wraps up the narrative that crossed all existing Star Trek series at the time.


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Marty Allee
Host of ReadingTrek

Marty is a bartender and student, focusing on English and Creative Writing. He has a passion for space and science fiction, particularly Star Trek, and one day hopes to publish a tie-in novel of his own.

William Conlin
Host of ReadingTrek

William Conlin was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. He is a documentary filmmaker with a deep passion for telling stories about the behind the scenes aspects of Hollywood. He also directs reality television for Southern California ABC-TV affiliates.