PoliTreks #4: Spies in our Starciety (Part 2)

Originally released on December 20, 2017

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In Part 2 of our "Spies In Our Starcity" three-part series, Shashank and Barry talk about Section 31, linking it to historic and contemporary spy agencies. Using DS9 Episodes "Inter Arma Enim" and "Extreme Measures", we compare the CIA, Gestapo, CSUS, ISI methods, make-up, and tactics. We did our homework on some specific case studies on some of these spy agencies, plus brushed up on our DS9 viewing (which there is no argument that is the best homework of all), to bring you an episode full of intrigue. Join us for this latest installment before the Holiday Season is upon us! Be sure to download your favorite PoliTreks episodes (4 now to choose from!!) along with your other favorite shows for your impending long Holiday Travels and have a safe and happy Season from us here at PoliTreks. LLAP!

Feb 5, 2019
PoliTreks #20

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Barry DeFord
School teacher, Trek enthusiast, dog lover!
Barry appears regularly as a co-host on PoliTreks.

Shashank Avvaru
Shashank appears regularly as a co-host on PoliTreks.

Shashank successfully manages a day job as an analyst, a night job writing comic books, a weekend gig co-hosting Politreks. Or he puts all of it off for another day to binge rewatch DS9 for the six hundredth time.