PoliTreks #2: A Case for the Traveler

Originally released on November 19, 2017

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Here in the second episode of PoliTreks, Shashank states a convincing case for The Traveler, while Barry comes to realize that maybe, just maybe, Shashank may be onto something. Join us as we delve into this sometimes maligned character, exploring his concept of exploration to Starfleet's. We will compare The Traveler to other characters of Trek, along with the historical people who shared some of his traits, while discussing the real-world spirituality and philosophy The Traveler embodies. We will take time to consider the potential of The Traveler to his actual roll-out, plus many more insights.

Feb 5, 2019
PoliTreks #20

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Barry DeFord
School teacher, Trek enthusiast, dog lover!
Barry appears regularly as a co-host on PoliTreks.

Shashank Avvaru
Shashank appears regularly as a co-host on PoliTreks.

Shashank successfully manages a day job as an analyst, a night job writing comic books, a weekend gig co-hosting Politreks. Or he puts all of it off for another day to binge rewatch DS9 for the six hundredth time.